Splatterkore Lunar Cult

adamo-ed-evaI was asked by Extrem a simple question about our use of the lunar cycles to release music within ‘Splatterkore,’ (Splatterkore.blogspot.com) the alternative electronic music community project I manage and co-founded in 2008. However, there is not really a simple answer…

There exists within Nature a dynamic of male and female/the divine masculine and divine feminine. The doing and the being, symbolized often as the wand and the chalice. Neither can exist without the other and neither is more important than the other. However, mainstream music industry, and I daresay the electronic music scene is dominated by a masculine energy. That is, it is active: the labels seek to promote, do and achieve. A lot of it comes out of the male imagination.

Yet where does life emerge but from the mysterious depths of the female? As an underground music platform, it makes sense for the project to play a feminine role- a hive-womb if you will, full of new possibilities and wild experimentation. This is not a feminist project, we are simply honouring and functioning as the role of the life bearer, the giver, the Anima. She creates the family. In suit, we do not seek to profit, or impose upon, or too rigidly define the music we share. This is a project of evolution/creative expression not reinforcement/refinement and thus it always changes…

b1e94bbdaecf709b89ef5e847159a337…as does the moon over it’s darkened realm of dreams and illusion. I’d like to say it was a random idea to release and integrate lunar ritual into our program, however, nothing is really random is it? It is a natural development of the label. The feminine menstrual cycle is linked with the lunar cycle, which is one reason why the moon has a feminine connotation. Blood spills from the chalice and releases tensions in order to perpetuate fertility. Releasing music as an offering to the moon establishes a connection to the wider deeper mystery and creative nature of the divine feminine. Just as the moon reflects light, we use the cycle to reflect life in that way.

Further to that, it is more energy effective and elegant to promote the system we use to release rather than tiresomely bombard everyone with constant promotional updates about every release. It is also a cycle that expands our awareness beyond time and our individual physical minds. We do not need to constantly monitor the dates in our heads or on a calendar when all we have to do is synchronise ourselves with nature and actively participate in something greater than ourselves. Unfortunately it is a connection that is so easily lost in our fast-paced achievement-driven society. Isn’t all we have already enough? Metaphorically speaking, Splatterkore births new ideas and modes of being. Sometimes Splatterkore dies and reinvents itself. It too, is a constantly evolving manifestation.

3738_1496031010703650_8969035743813940669_nAll the creative energy already exists, waiting for somewhere to go. We are the channel, we are you, we are one. Anyway, isn’t the moon just beautiful?

Transmitted by Mindgrrind from the darkest depths of the Splatterkore Galaxy.



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